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Featured Lofts, Condos and Townhomes

Kentwood City Properties is the developer's choice as the exclusive listing Company for new projects and historic renovations in central Denver.


  • Aria Denver
  • Cherry Creek Brownstones
    24 Jefferson Park
  • Glenarm Grove
    Glenarm Grove
  • Jefferson Park
    University Park Row
  • LoHi Place
    LoHi Place
  • Jackson Townes
    Jackson Townes
  • McStain
    Decatur Row
  • Park Place XII
    Park Place XII
  • Tejon Ten
    Ten10 Brownstones
  • Vantage Pointe Lofts
    East Village Flats
  • Zuni Townhomes
    Zuni VII
  • Zuni Six
    1818 Clarkson
  • Berkeley Park Townhomes
    Berkely Park Townhomes
  • Curtis Park Corner
    Curtis Park Corner
  • Washington Square 6
    Washington Square 6
  • Washington Square 6
    Osage Place