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About Sara Glaze

After spending the last 33 years in the Denver area, Sara is proud to call herself an “almost-native “and loves the Denver area. An avid sports enthusiast, she has been involved in Martial Arts since 1979 and enjoys teaching and training. Cycling is another passion, and she believes there is no better way to enjoy the sights in Colorado than on a bike.

Sara carries that same passion into her career in real estate. Having spent the last 8 years working at Kentwood City Properties, she is proud of the Kentwood brand and what it represents. Sara is most proud of the relationships that she builds with her clients; she understands that great service means insightful communication and a passion for the process of turning the dream of homeownership into a wonderful reality.  Referrals and repeat clients are the cornerstone of Sara’s business, and that speaks volumes about the high level of satisfaction she achieves with every transaction.    

Sara lives in the Northwest Denver area, and loves the area for its eclectic mix of styles and great walkable neighborhoods. At the same time, she is well-versed in many neighborhoods including Park Hill, Mayfair, Congress Park, Wash Park and many others.




We were incredibly pleased with all the service provided by Sara Glaze. She is friendly and easy to work with. She led us through the sales process every step of the way. She helped explain what the property needed to prepare it for sale. She worked with us on comparables so we could set a fair market price based on recent activity. Sara made sure we were aware of everything that was happening throughout the process. There were no snags and no problems. We would recommend Sara Glaze and Kentwood Real Estate to anyone planning a real estate transaction.  

– Bill Holmes April 4, 2019


I can't say enough great things about Sara. I had used a different agent for the purchase of my first house in Denver and had moderately good service but wasn't blown away. Therefore,, when we were looking to buy again we were also casually looking for someone new to help us. We ran into Sara coincidentally at an open house and I was immediately drawn to her style. She seemed easy to work with,, candid,, and like she would have our best interests as her first priority. In the months that followed,, she proved that hunch to be completely correct. In addition to those characteristics,, I found her equally skilled at helping me when I had already done a great amount of research and had a list of properties I wanted to see as she was when we hit roadblocks and really needed someone else's expertise and lead. She was always prompt and easy to get in touch with and helped us manage several deadlines when we made a contingent offer and had our first offer declined. Finally,, she is thoughtful and knowledgeable about the trends and market history in Denver,, which I think sets her apart from people who are newer to the business and just capitalizing on our current boom. We have referred her to friends who also made a successful purchase and continue to recommend her very strongly.  

– R. Holmes November 17, 2014


My wife and I relocated to the Denver area in late 2013,, and by early 2014,, we decided that we wanted to purchase a property. We are both rather meticulous by nature,, so we began our search by spending several months going to open houses. After seeing over 30 properties,, and meeting more than 20 agents,, we decided to go with Sara. We met her at two open houses,, and gave us the same positive impression on both occasions: she did not oversell herself (or Kentwood); she had a very calm and interested demeanor; and was very informative. We are so please to have worked with her. Sara demonstrated considerable knowledge on the housing market; made herself very available to answer all our questions; walked us through the entire purchasing process; and exhibited considerable negotiation skills. I would consider us to be fairly demanding / nit-picky clients and we were entirely satisfied. I would gladly recommend Sara as a real estate agent.  

– B. Richardson February 2, 2015


I just wanted to thank you again immensely for all of your help through this entire process. You have been absolutely amazing and we felt so lucky to have found you to help us buy our first home. We both consider you more than just our realtor,, we consider you a friend!  

– L.Colon May 13, 2015


I would and have recommended Sara Glaze to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. My last experience with her as my real estate agent was the best I've ever experienced. Sara is warm,, trustworthy,, and highly qualified in her profession. She was very respectful and attentive to my needs as a buyer/seller,, setting appointments,, being consistently punctual,, & at times rearranged her schedule to accommodate me. Sara was transparent throughout the whole process; she explained her contracts for service in detail,, and walked me through every piece of each document we reviewed. She was flawless in keeping track of contractual deadlines. Sara also gave feedback and recommendations where appropriate; I never felt as though I was rushed or without full information when making a decision. She clearly had my best interests in mind as my agent,, and I appreciated her assistance and great recommendations for service providers that assisted with completing my finances,, appraisal and inspections. I felt that I had the best support a buyer/seller could ask for when navigating in the current market. If you're considering Sara as an agent,, you won't go wrong,, and can expect to receive the very best service and support in the real estate business in Colorado.  

– Jen M. June 1, 2015


Everybody always wonder how to find the Real Estate Agent who is the best in the area,, who knows more than other agents,, who is more efficient than others. At the end,, to find the Agent who will make your dream possible in the shortest time and with the least amount of troubles. I would say,, Sara Glaze from Kentwood real estate agency happened to be for us that exactly Dream agent who helped us to buy our house in just a few days,, and,, I would say,, against all the odds. We were out-of-state buyers; therefore,, we did not have the luxury of knowing well the area,, knowing the market,, and most importantly,, we did not have extra time that one may have when looking for some time in the area you live. To find the house and get all things done we had just a week,, maximum 10 days; and,, following the rule of the worse things happening at the best time,, the market just exploded a few weeks before our arrival to Denver. Regardless we were mentally prepared to that situation,, the reality was brutal. And here Sara Glaze came to help with amazing efficiency,, expertise,, precision,, and just wonderful personality. She knew exactly what will happen and how to act in each situation we faced. Without her help we could not have our beautiful house in just three days of search. Any question we had she answered immediately,, any document we were looking for she helped us to find very quickly. And how we got under the contract in just a few hours after seeing the house still astonishers us. Sara was just brilliant. I would say,, for us buying our first house in our life,, we had an absolutely easy and trouble-free experience. If you are reading this,, it means you are looking for a real estate agent to work with. Our suggestion to you would be to stop looking no more. You will find the best with Sara Glaze,, and you will never regret working with her. Now Littleton residents,, Evgeny and Irina  

– E. Berdyshev September 30, 2015


My wife and I were looking to downsize our home,, and get something that would be the last one we ever owned. We wanted a number of elements that met the requirements of what we had determined over the years,, to be must haves. We also were looking to downsize our costs,, with an eye toward retirement. That being said,, we presented Sara with a rather sizeable shopping list,, on a relatively limited budget. Because of the fact that she had recently sold our daughter and her husbands home,, and we witnessed first-hand what a remarkable job she had done during that transaction,, we were fairly confident that she was up to the task. Needless to say,, she didnt disappoint. Although it took 4 months of searching,, in an incredibly tight market,, Sara was able to deliver what we were asking for,, in the price that met our needs. Her hard work,, positive attitude,, sense of humor,, professionalism,, and enthusiasm made the entire process more tolerable and rewarding. She was incredibly prompt to answer our calls and texts. And always had the information we requested. She did an outstanding job,, and we would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to work with the consummate realtor. B Clark  

– B Clark October 1, 2015


I have bought and sold several houses over the years and worked with some good realtors but I have never worked with someone as amazing as Sara Glaze with the Rivera Team at Kentwood Properties. Sara is extremely knowledgeable of the market,, current trends,, real-estate regulations and how to maximize a homes market potential. We met Sara at an open house and told her we might be selling our home. Sara patiently waited while we took a year to make a decision and finish our remodel. She kept in contact but never gave us the hard-sell attitude. Sara gave us expert advice on how to stage our home to maximize its appeal and created an absolutely gorgeous brochure and a spectacular marketing plan. Thanks to Sara we sold our house in just one weekend at an excellent price! Unfortunately my husband and I could not decide how to get our dream home and property in our price range. Again Sara to the rescue! Sara helped us negotiate with our buyer to stay in our house longer than usual and worked out a contract that made both our buyer and us extremely happy. Sara then led us to alternatives that met all our criteria in areas we had not originally considered and we found our dream home. Sara went above and beyond our expectations of a realtor,, her patience and humor made our search as stress fess as possible. Sara sought out experts and professionals that were needed to help us with issues that arose during our buying process,, recommended a fabulous lender,, helped steer us away from hidden pitfalls that would have been disastrous,, and deftly negotiated our contract with the sellers to everyones satisfaction while carefully and expertly explaining every step of the process. Sara made us feel as if we were her most important clients and truly cared that we had a wonderful experience and got the house we wanted. Sara is the most honest,, friendly,, experienced and supportive professional we have ever worked with. Once the buying process was done Sara kept in touch just to make sure everything was going well and that we were indeed happy with our new home. We admired Saras humor,, kindness,, honesty and integrity so much during this selling and buying process we now count her as a friend,, We would recommend her to anyone we know looking to buy or sell a house. J&B Martin  

– J&B Martin November 17, 2015


A few words about an amazing realtor: Sara Glaze of Kentwood Properties Sara was an indispensable advisor to us when moving from Indianapolis to Denver. We had never lived anywhere other than Indiana,, so this was a big move for our family. Based on our initial meeting with Sara she was able to focus on our needs perfectly in order to find a great home. Over several months Sara emailed us properties for us to view that met our needs. We had almost daily chats by phone or email with questions and answers about these potential homes. This was so helpful in order to plan our whirlwind-of- weekend house-shopping visit! We visited 22 homes in two days with our four boys (that is a lot!)and she not only advised us on location,, amenities,, and features of the homes,, but she also really bonded with the kids in order to make the house touring seamless and fun. The result was a very productive few days in Denver,, finding us the perfect house,, which I wasnt sure would exist! Saras knowledge of the Denver housing market was outstanding! She predicted the market exactly in order to help us find a home in our timeframe and to coincide with our move. She knew when the inventory of homes most suited for our needs would be plentiful for our trip out to house shop. So,, we were able to purchase a home and complete the closing process in perfect sync with our move and job start date. Sara also went beyond just finding a house. She helped us secure our financing and the local vendors for the home inspection. She provided constant communication through the closing process. She was present for the inspection and final walk-throughs when we were back in Indiana. Its never easy to buy a house,, and to have someone as knowledgeable as Sara to help guide the process was a bonus. She was a true advocate for our family and indeed,, did help us find our perfect Denver home.  

– S&A Teague February 1, 2016


Sara Glaze could not have facilitated a better experience for a first-time home buyer. She was informed,, available,, and an unbiased sounding board to help think through a major life decision. I relocated to Denver from Los Angeles and was not very familiar with all areas of the city but certain about what I was looking for in a neighborhood. Sara offered invaluable information about various neighborhoods and their personalities,, community resources,, and general trends of development (i.e. demographic shifts,, restaurants,, night life,, culture,, schools,, etc.). She was not overwhelming with information nor did she judge or project personal interests or styles. Instead,, she took the time to get to know her client and shared insightful nuggets of knowledge. Not only was she helpful in understanding the lay of the land,, she thoughtfully walked me through the home buying and lending process; carefully providing disclaimers when needed and directing me to other professionals to appropriately answer my questions (i.e. accountant,, attorney,, mortgage lender,, inspector,, etc.). Sara consistently followed-up when I requested information and was careful to check-in with me when addressing sensitive issues during the process.Buying from out-of-state added another layer of complexity that Sara expertly navigated me through. We scheduled a weekend of showings based on my schedule of when I would be in town from California. She was open to viewing multiple properties over a short period of time,, and made herself available to provide reassurance and support when putting in an offer. Sara went above and beyond in advocating for my offer in an extremely competitive market. With two other offers on the table,, one in cash and one higher than my offer,, I genuinely believe I would not have my lovely home if it were not for Sara's efforts and finesse in working with the sellers' team. At the same time,, she was realistic in managing my expectations while indulging my hopeful excitement. Sara,, furthermore,, provided sound advice when thinking through the final decisions of the contract and ensuring we closed with minimal disruptions. She was present for the building inspection when I could not be,, and was appropriately objective when reviewing the outcomes. My lender was also extremely complimentary of Sara when working with her around securing financial documents,, problem-solve when concerns were presented,, and ensuring an on-time,, smooth closing. Admittedly,, I do not have anything to compare my experience to,, other than horror stories from family and friends. Sara's professionalism and charm made me believe that buying a home is not nearly as stressful or difficult as people make it out to be. This perception speaks to her ability to communicate and effectively interact with a diverse range of people in order to get the job done,, all with respect and efficiency. I cannot thank Sara enough for her work and I brag about her every chance I can. She is an asset to Kentwood Properties and an asset to Denver at large. I highly recommend her with the best regards. -- J. Schwartz  

– J. Schwartz March 1, 2016


As out-of-state sellers,, we interviewed several realtors to get an understanding of their approach and style of selling homes. We were really lucky to have chosen Sara because I really do not think anyone else could have managed the sale of our house so well. To begin with,, I was very impressed by the marketing of the property. The staging was beautiful and photos were representative of the best features of our property. The success of this was really seen in the turn out for the open houses and subsequent multiple offers we received. These offers were also because of the price point we agreed on - a process that I appreciated so much because we never felt pressured and landed on a price that we were all comfortable with. During the sale,, Sara was extremely proactive,, professional,, and efficient. She went above and beyond by overseeing all repairs,, contractors,, and negotiations while keeping very open and often communication with us - which was so essential as an out-of-state seller. Sara took the time to educate and guide us through the sale,, and her expertise in real estate transactions was evident throughout the process. I never once felt out of touch with the sale of my home,, and felt very informed in the decisions we made. The other thing that stood out to me about Sara was her attention to detail the contracts,, financing,, and closing,, and her willingness to take an extra step to make sure things are done right the first time. This attention to detail is extremely important to close your deal quickly and without problems. I am extremely grateful for all the hard work Sara put into selling our home,, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor. - Thank you Sara! Alissa  

– Allissa G. May 26, 2017


Sara Glaze is the most personable,, prepared,, and professional agent I could ever imagine. Four years ago,, as a first time homebuyer,, Sara was crucial in guiding me through the home buying process. Fast forward three years...after getting married,, we turned to Sara,, who helped me sell that first house and helped us buy our new home. We have been elated working with Sara. Her work and responsiveness are top-notch! Halfway or good enough are not in her vocabulary. She seeks to understand her client's needs and preferences - she makes it happen! We will be selling my husband's house in a few months,, and,, of course,, we will be working with Sara Glaze again!  

– Sarah W. November 8, 2017


We have worked with Sara on the purchase of three properties in the Berkeley area near Regis University. Sara is without a doubt the hardest working real estate agent we have ever worked with! Every time we have contacted Sara regarding a potential property,, she has had us scheduled for a walk through the property within 24 hours. She has the unique ability to truly listen to a clients perspective and to work towards that end,, even if it does not result in a quick transaction for her. Too many agents are only concerned with how quickly they can close a transaction. Sara always puts the client first and will stay with the process until her customer finds the property that is right for them. Regardless of the twists and turns that a potential transaction may take,, she has the ability to not only respond but to also anticipate potential issues. Sara knows how and what to negotiate to get both parties to close with the best possible terms for her customer. Sara is an incredibly organized and a very effective communicator. She will layout the transaction process and schedule and will ensure that her client understands the process and is aware of any pending deadlines with plenty of lead time. She makes the home buying and selling process as stress free as possible. Just as important to the process is Saras honesty if something comes up that Sara hasnt dealt with before (which is not much) she will reach out to her peers and run any and every potential issue to ground and get back with her clients to discuss the options. Sara works tirelessly for the interests of her clients and will ensure that any potential issues are resolved prior to closing. On every transaction Sara has established a relationship with the Sellers Agent that was critical to us acquiring at the right price while creating a win-win situation for the buyer and seller. It is rare to find someone like Sara that understands the value of relationship building with clients and her peers in the real estate community. Over the years we have worked with many real estate agents,, in multiple states,, and none of them have compared to Sara - She is an extraordinary real estate agent and a pleasure to work with. Anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Denver Metro area should contact Sara to discuss the options available to them in the current market environment,, and would be well served to retain Sara to represent their interest in any potential real estate transaction.  

– E&S Zamora January 2, 2018


Sara has represented our family during three transactions in the last 5 years,, once 5 years ago when we purchased a beautiful house for the two of us,, then again about six months ago when we needed to sell that beautiful home and purchase larger one for a growing family. Whether buying or selling,, she began every interaction with an open and transparent discussion about what we should expect when working with her,, then stuck to what was promised and very regularly going above and beyond what was required. Sara has proven herself adept at listening to needs and wants,, providing options that could best satisfy needs,, as possible. When needed,, she is a problem solver,, finding compromises for any unexpected occurrences. Sara worked hard,, and at times,, fought hard for us during every transaction,, seemingly around the clock. Her knowledge and experience resulted in contracts that met our needs with service from Sara that exceeded our expectations. We will never need another realtor as long as we are in the Denver area or Sara is willing to travel to meet us. Sara is not only a solid realtor,, but has proven to be a phenomenal ally and friend.  

– A&M Ungar January 8, 2018


I met Sara at the gym where we both work out. I approached her several months before we were ready to move to get her insights into the best time to put our condo on the market,, and pricing. She came over and checked out our condo,, and we discussed options. We were on the same page regarding timing and pricing. Even though we had several months before we planned to move,, she stayed in touch with us to make sure everything was still on track. Once we got closer to the move date,, she came over again,, talked pricing and firmed up everything about the sale. Once we were ready to go on the market,, she met with us to collect the keys and review the property one more time. She scheduled the photographer and got the listing up the next day! Within 48 hours,, we had multiple offers to review. She organized those offers for us and helped talk us through the decision making process. Did I mention that we were already in a another state? We did all of this by phone or email. She followed up on every detail for the closing,, including a last minute hiccup which almost derailed the closing. She attended the closing for us since we were in Texas,, and texted us as soon as the deal was done. She was professional through the entire process,, but also made it fun. We highly recommend Sara Glaze to anyone who is selling their property.  

– L&M Menard May 24, 2018


I am physician researcher,, and my job has required that I make many moves across the country. Thus,, I have worked with many different real estate agents over time. I can say with confidence that Sara is by far the best real estate agent that we've ever worked with. From the beginning,, she has gone out of her way to help us make the most informed decision,, which most importantly included her frank and honest opinion on everything. We talked about every possible house and scenario,, and she rushed to show us every property that piqued our interest. She never made us feel pressured to make a decision. She was also available to me every single time I called,, at any hour of the day. After we placed a bid,, she meticously went over every detail of the loan process,, contigencies,, etc. In the end,, she had our complete trust. Her attention to details prevented several mishaps,, and in fact,, the whole process went very smoothly without any surprises or stress. It was truly remarkable,, especially in light of prior experiences. I won't go into all the details,, but even after our house was purchased,, she went well beyond what's expected to help us move into the house. I had never considered writing a letter of Rec for any other real estate agents,, but we were very appreciative of Sara. We can't thank her enough.  

– B & J Modena March 5, 2019